The Wellness Institute of Ireland has been established as a body to recognise businesses in Ireland for implementing Wellness Charters and Wellness Programmes in their businesses, for the benefit of their employees and the company. It has become imperative that businesses would have an In-House Wellness Charter that is established within the company of an employer and directly managed by a Wellness Manager of the employer. In order to successfully negotiate life, the workplace and its challenges, there are practical skills that people within businesses need. These people range from Directors, Management and Employees. Founded by husband and wife team Helen and Michael McCarthy who have a combined 50 years experience in the health and Wellness sector. The Wellness Institute of Ireland was formed through a common desire to empower Irish businesses and the Irish workforce with healthy solutions and to encourage a more holistic approach to Wellness in the workplace. The Wellness Institute of Ireland model for a Wellness Charter for a business is based on creating a conducive environment for your team to feel comfortable in. It is no secret that a healthy workforce is a more focused, efficient, energetic and loyal team with much lower levels of absenteeism. However, helping employees to get fit, or lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle and to deal with anything that concerns them at any particular time in their life has been very difficult to achieve. We have the solution...... The Wellness Institute of Ireland model is focused on using a combination of occupational health, EAP and wellness programmes to change the daily behavioural habits of employees. To achieve this our Wellness Charter sets out to deliver a range of modern and innovative services to evaluate, engage and motivate employees and their families to make changes and most importantly to stick to them. We work closely with employers of all sizes and industries and our membership model is based on delivering a highly practical and necessary service to our clients.

"We are passionate about good mental and physical health, and it's great for us to have pioneered The Wellness Institute of Ireland as Ireland's dedicated Institute to oversee the provision of In-House Wellness Charters in businesses across the nation. With our team and our direct ownership of Irish Wellness Management Consultants where we train all Wellness Managers, we are so proud of the difference to employee health we have already made and we are only getting started. We are establishing a team of Recommended Partners in each county in Ireland who specialise in services across a diverse range of sectors that will make an enormous difference to the lives and future of our clients and their employee "

-Helen and Michael McCarthy, Founding Directors of The Wellness Institute of Ireland